Transform Your Body Without a Gym: The Astonishing Fitness Magic of Inline Skating!


Today, we’ll dive deep into the health and wellness aspect of inline skating. Buckle up as we explore whether strapping on those skates can give you a decent workout and enhance your fitness levels!

The Unseen Fitness Magic of Inline Skating


Calorie Burning and Cardiovascular Benefits

If you’ve ever pushed off the pavement and felt the wind rush past you, you already know inline skating is an exhilarating experience. But here’s a sweet bonus: it’s also a remarkable cardiovascular exercise!

During my initial days of skating, I was surprised by how much it elevated my heart rate, even in a casual roll around the park. Research indicates that skating can burn anywhere from 300-600 calories per hour, depending on the intensity. From a personal standpoint, skating for even half an hour gave me a kind of cardio workout that I didn’t get from my usual jogs.

Lower Body and Core Strengthening

I always reminisce about my first skating experiences with a chuckle. Those shaky legs and multiple stumbles! Yet, with time, I noticed a gradual firmness and strength developing in my lower body, particularly in my thighs, hamstrings, and calves. Inline skating demands balance, which inevitably engages your core and enhances stability.

A few weeks into my skating journey, I noticed my jeans fitting a bit snug around the quads, a silent testament to the muscles being worked out during each session. I found that with each stride, my legs and core were subtly, yet powerfully, engaged. This is particularly noteworthy for individuals seeking to tone these areas.

Joint-Friendly Exercise

One personal anecdote that stands out was when I switched from running to skating due to a mild knee injury. The reduced impact on the joints in inline skating, as opposed to the high-impact nature of running, truly makes it a joint-friendly exercise. The fluid motion of skating is kinder to the knees, hips, and ankles, which can be particularly beneficial for those with joint concerns or those looking to avoid injury.

A Fun and Adventurous Weight Loss Ally

Consistency is Key in Weight Loss

In the world of fitness, it’s often said that the best exercise for weight loss is the one you stick with. Inline skating, with its fun and adventurous spirit, has always kept me hooked. I found myself more consistent with my skating sessions as opposed to other forms of exercise simply because it was an absolute blast!

I’ve witnessed friends and fellow skaters shed notable pounds as they consistently whizzed through the parks and streets. Inline skating not only provides a potent calorie-burning workout but also ensures that you’re likely to stay committed due to the sheer enjoyment it provides.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on Wheels

Inline skating is incredibly versatile when it comes to how you can incorporate it into your fitness routine. My absolute favorite is using it for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

By alternating between high-speed sprints and slow rolls, I managed to elevate my metabolism and facilitate weight loss, all while improving my skating skills. The intense bursts of activity, followed by periods of lighter activity or rest (which is characteristic of HIIT), made my skating sessions not only thrilling but also incredibly effective in burning fat.

The Mental and Social Aspects of Inline Skating


Mental Well-being and Stress Reduction

It’s important to highlight that fitness isn’t only about the physical aspect; mental fitness plays an equally pivotal role. Gliding through the streets, feeling the breeze, and embracing the freedom of movement has always been a stress-buster for me.

The rhythmic and repetitive motion of skating, much like cycling or swimming, has a meditative quality that helps in mental decompression. I’ve often found that skating through a tough day helps to melt away the stress and injects a dose of serenity into my life.

Building Social Connections

Joining a local inline skating group opened up a new world of friendships and social interactions for me. The shared interest in skating allowed me to connect with diverse individuals, participate in group skating events, and even engage in friendly competitions. This added social aspect not only enhanced my skating experience but also contributed to my overall wellness.


As we wrap up our journey through the inline skating landscape, it’s clear that those sleek, rolling wheels offer much more than just a fun ride. From physical fitness, burning calories, and strengthening muscles, to enhancing mental well-being and forging social connections, inline skating packs a well-rounded fitness punch.

Whether you’re a novice considering strapping on your first pair of skates or someone contemplating incorporating skating into your fitness regimen, I hope my experiences and insights have shed some light on the multifaceted fitness benefits that inline skating unfailingly provides.

Skate safe, stay healthy, and most importantly, have fun whizzing around!

#1 Bont JET

Bont Jet is the world’s most popular inline speed skate, and you don’t have to look too hard to see why.

The inline skate boot is very comfortable. In fact, Bont laser-scanned 10,000 feet to create their lasts. This has definitely paid off. For those wondering, the last is the plastic foot that the inline skate boot is constructed around.

The Jet inline skate boot is heat moldable, in fact, its the most heat moldable on the market. As a result, you can use a hairdryer or the oven to custom mold it to your feet.

The footbed is thin enough for you to feel the road yet thick enough to absorb vibrations. The micro-adjustable buckle holds your foot firmly. The skate boot is made using Bont’s famous one-piece construction. This is usually reserved for boots that cost three times as much as the Bont Jet. The frame and bearings are all top-notch. However, if you want to move to the next level, we recommend upgrading the wheels to a full race wheel such as the Bont Red Magic.

#2 Bont LUNA

The Bont Luna is a new inline speed skate for 2023 and the cheapest one-piece inline boot on the market.

Typically, one-piece speed skate boots are for custom professional racing boots. Consequently, apart from the Bont Jet and Bont Luna inline speed skating boots, you won’t find a one-piece speed skating boot for under $500.

The Bont Luna features a sleek minimalist look with a micro-adjustable buckle, anatomical foot shape, carbon composite base. This inline skate boot differs from the Bont Jet in that it has less heat moldability. As a result, the Bont Luna saves some weight in the boot at the cost of some moldability. Therefore, unless you are planning on putting your boots in the oven and molding them, purchase the Bont Luna. If you require a custom fit and you want to heat mold your boots, go for the Bont Jet.

The Bont Luna can be purchased as a complete inline skate, or as a stand-alone inline skate boot. You can buy components from other brands as they are all interchangeable.

On the Bont website, you can select the inline skate framesinline skate wheels, and inline skate bearings that suit your budget. The higher-spec inline skate frames are stiffer and made with more expensive materials. The more expensive inline speed skating bearings have more precise balls. These higher-priced inline skate wheels have better urethane, which as a result, moves from Chinese urethane to a USA made urethane.

Read our articles on inline speed skating wheels and inline speed skating bearings on this site.

#3 Capetos

The Capetos inline speed skate is a newcomer to the inline skate scene. It seems as though they have taken many of the best features from a number of established brands, and they have produced a very high-quality boot for a very low price

This inline speed skating boot uses an industry-standard mounting where you can upgrade the frame from another brand if you wish. 

This inline speed skate has a very good starting point for which you can upgrade this skate at a later time with other components. The component that will make the biggest difference to your speed is upgrading the wheels. If you upgrade the wheels to a set of Bont Red Magics, you will be able to take this skate to its full potential. 

#4 Rollerblade POWERBLADE ELITE 125

The Rollerblade Powerblade Elite 125 is much better value inline speed skate than the Rollerblade pro 125. The Elite is around $300 cheaper.

A great looking inline skate, but it is not a professional level inline speed skate. It’s an inline skate that looks good and works well, but it’s more suited to training than inline speed skating. The boot has a two-piece carbon composite shell that is well made. The padding also feels supportive and not too soft. The inline frame and inline wheels are on the low end of what’s available in the market, but there are better options available. A little more detail, the frame feels flimsy at high speeds, and while the graphics are nice, the axles and the finishing on the frame feel

low budget. The inline wheels are the worst part of the package. They feel slow and lack rebound. I recommend upgrading the wheels as soon as they wear out.

#5 Bont VAYPOR

If you want the best of the best and money is no object, then the Bont Vaypor Supercell 125mm inline speed skate is for you.

Using the best unidirectional carbon fiber, the inline skate boot is made by hand. Each layer is hand-laid in different directions for maximum strength. Finally finished with a matte dry carbon final coat. Additionally, the resin is the most heat moldable on the market.

The padding is closed cell, so it does not absorb sweat. The outer skin is made of a material called Durolite, which is a high-end Japanese material. Durolite is exceptionally lightweight and has more stretch and durability than leather.

The speed skate boot has layers of anti-stretch material between the carbon and the liner so it will not stretch over time. Even the laces are made from non-stretch material, so you don’t have to tie your laces after warming up.

It has multiple loops and Velcro to hold the tongue of the boot in place, so it doesn’t move. The skate boot has air ventilation in the toe. Proven by the UK Olympic cycling team to improve performance.

Jesa of Switzerland manufactures the bearings. The only racing bearing with an inner race polished in both directions. Additionally, the bearing, made from high tensile steel, doesn’t warp at high speeds.

MPC makes the wheels in the USA on Bont’s aluminum hub, and they have won more world championships marathons than any other inline speed skating wheel.

The Supercell frame is Bont’s new 2023 100% carbon fiber inline racing frame.

It is an unbeatable package if you want the best skate money can buy. Finally, Bont will custom make this boot for you.


What’s the difference between inline skates and rollerblades?

Inline skates and rollerblades are often used interchangeably, but Rollerblade is a brand name where as inline skating is a generic term. 

Is inline skating easier than ice skating?

Inline skating is generally considered easier than ice skating because the wheels on inline skates provide more stability and control than the blades on ice skates.

What are the 4 types of inline skates?

The 4 types of inline skates are speed skates, recreational skates, fitness skates, and aggressive skates.

Which are the best inline skates?

The best inline skates will depend on the skater’s skill level and intended use. For recreational skating, K2 Skates are popular for their comfort and affordability. For fitness skating, Rollerblade Macroblade skates are often recommended for their speed and durability. For aggressive skating, Razors Genesys skates is a top choice for its sturdiness and responsiveness. For speed skating, Bont skates are regarded to be the best and most popular. 

Are inline skates easier for beginners?

Inline skates can be easier for beginners than ice skates, but it also depends on the individual’s balance and coordination. Inline skates provide more stability and control but also move faster than ice skates, which can be intimidating for some beginners.

How do you stop inline skates without a brake?

The most common way to stop inline skates without a brake is to do a T-stop, which involves dragging one skate behind the other to slow down and stop. Another method is the power slide, which involves turning sideways and sliding on one or both skates to come to a stop.

How do you stop on rollerblades?

Rollerblades can be stopped using the same methods as inline skates, such as the T-stop and powerslide.

What is the hardest form of skating?

The hardest form of skating is subjective and depends on the individual’s skill level and preference. However, many people consider figure skating to be one of the most difficult forms of skating due to its technical and artistic demands.

Which type of skating is the hardest?

Again, this is subjective and depends on the individual’s skill level and preference. Some people may find aggressive skating or roller derby to be the hardest due to the physical demands and risks involved.

What inline skates to buy for beginners?

For beginners, starting with recreational inline skates that provide good stability and support is recommended. Some popular options include K2 Skates and Rollerblade Zetrablade skates.

What is a good inline skate to buy for kids?

The Bont Scoot skate is an excellent option for kids. It has an anatomical shape and is very durable.

Which skates are best for beginners?

The best beginner skates are comfortable, stable, and provide good support. Recreational inline skates or beginner ice skates are good choices for those just starting.

Should you buy inline skates a size bigger?

It is better to buy the right size and not buy skates that are bigger than your feet. If you have painful skates and want to wear thick socks to help with the pain, buy better skates and make yourself and your feet happy.

Am I too old to learn how to inline skate?

You’re never too old to learn how to inline skate! Inline skating can be a fun and low-impact way to stay active and improve balance and coordination.

How do you break in inline skates for beginners?

If you buy good skates, you shouldn’t need to break them in. But if you do feel the need to break them in, wear them around the house or for short periods of time until they start to feel more comfortable. It’s also helpful to wear thicker socks or use gel inserts to cushion the feet. Some people also recommend heating up the skate’s liner with a hairdryer or heat gun before putting them on to help mold them to your feet. If all else fails, use Bont’s Rip Jaws to make your boots do what you want them to.

Can you walk in inline skates?

Yes, you can, it is fairly easy and will not damage your skates or wheels.

Why is ice skating so difficult?

The honest answer is that the skates you rent at the ice rink are terrible and very very blunt making it almost impossible to skate on. Buy a good pair of hockey, figure or speed skates and sharpen them and you will have a much easier time.


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