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The Best Inline Skating Wheels 2024

There are several inline speed skate wheel brands in the market, but only two manufacturers make all of the best speed skating wheels in the world. They are MPC and AEND. Both wheel manufacturers are in the USA, and although many companies in Taiwan, Korea, China, and France have all said that they can make wheels as good as the USA, this has not been the case for over 20+ years. I don’t know if they just can’t get good urethane outside of the USA or if they do not know the best formula, but the US wheels are head and shoulders above the rest of the wheels. MPC manufactures its own wheels as well as OEM wheels for brands such as Bont, Cadomotus, and Junk. AEND produces Matter and Bont wheels. You will rarely ever see anyone at the inline world championships using any other brand of wheel.

Fastest Inline Speed Skating Wheel


Inline speed skating, as a sport, is run by the international governing body called FIRS. FIRS stipulates that the largest wheels permitted in any FIRS event are 125mm wheels. This makes the 125mm wheel the fastest wheel you can skate on.

The fastest 125mm wheel is the Bont Red Magic Hardcore. This wheel has dominated the Marathon scene since it was launched. Even see skaters from non-Bont sponsored teams set their free sponsored wheels aside to skate on this wheel. They know that they would be uncompetitive otherwise in certain conditions.

It is that good. If there is any chance of rain, you need to be on this wheel. It not only works in the dry but also in the wet. The Bont Red Magic Hardcore wheel has an aluminum core. Hence the name, ‘Hardcore.’ This aluminum core gives more rebound than plastic hubs, and more rebound equals more speed.

The urethane is poured by MPC in the USA. A downside to this wheel is, the bearings can be hard to insert and remove. This is because the core does not flex like a plastic hub. However, once you get used to it is not to bad. I use a bearing press for this purpose.

Make sure you order the 2.0 version as Bont added a new machining process to the bearing seat. This has made it more precise.

The Bont Red Magic Hardcore 2.0 is our fastest wheel of 2024.

Best Track Inline Speed Skating Wheel


MPC manufactures its wheels in the USA and they make their wheels with a technique called dual pour. This is where they first pour an extremely soft, high rebound material and then they pour the urethane that you skate on over the top creating two layers. There are a number of advantages to this technique. The inner band is much too soft to skate on but it provides more rebound which gives you more speed. It also deforms more than the outer urethane which gives you more urethane in contact with the road or track which equates to more grip. No wheel has come close to the MPC wheel on the track for more than a decade. MPC makes inline speed skating wheels for many brands including Bont, Cadomotus and Junk. Apparently there is no difference between any of the Magic wheels be it Black Magic, Red Magic or Blue Magic but the Bont Red Magic seems to be the most popular variety and it is said to be due to the red pigment in the Bont core giving the core additional stiffness which the skaters prefer.

Best Road Inline Speed Skating Wheel


Due to 2 years of covid restrictions there have not been very many inline events to prove how fast the Avenger is. However, testing has shown this wheel to be devastatingly fast in a straight line. Skaters have reordered PB’s all over the world thanks to this wheels aluminum hub wrapped in MPC urethane and a layer of super ball dual durometer urethane. Look for this wheel to dominate the 2024 season.

Best Inline Speed Skating Rain Wheel


There is no competition in the wet when it comes to inline speed skating wheels. The MPC storm surge is head and shoulders above the rest. The only consideration to make is trying to work out how wet it will be? The MPC magic wheels work very well in damp applications. You will skate faster on the magic wheels unless it is very wet. It’s like when you watch Formula 1 racing, and it starts pouring. The cars who switched to the rain wheels first have the advantage. However, as soon as it dries up a little, the cars on dry tires have the advantage. I put both sets of wheels in my race bag and decide which wheels to use just before the race.

Best Budget Race Wheel


The Bont Highroller is our pick for best Budget inline speed skating race wheel of 2023. This inline wheel has the same high-end urethane that you find on wheels like the Matter G13 or MPC Magic, but it doesn’t have the band inside. This makes manufacturing much cheaper. The Bont Highroller has won numerous inline world cup events and world championship events. Amazingly, you can find this wheel for less than half the price of other inline skating wheels in this list. The Highroller will keep up with any of the best wheels on the road. However, it will not be as fast as the best wheels on the track. This is because the advances with dual pour wheels outperform this wheel.

The Highroller is famous for being the longest-lasting speed racing wheel on the market. The Bont Highroller is our 2024 best budget inline race wheel of 2024.


  1. Can you put any wheels on inline skates? Inline skates have specific wheel sizes and configurations that are designed to work best with the frame and boot of the skate. While it may be possible to swap out wheels with different sizes or durometers (hardness), it’s important to make sure that the new wheels are compatible with your skates and that you maintain the proper setup and alignment for optimal performance and safety.

  2. What size wheel is best for inline skating? The best size wheel for inline skating depends on the type of skating you’ll be doing and your personal preference. Generally, smaller wheels (72mm-80mm) are better for agility, speed, and tricks, while larger wheels (90mm-110mm) are better for endurance, speed, and stability on uneven terrain.

  3. Do skateboard wheels fit inline skates? Skateboard wheels are not designed to fit inline skates, as they have different core sizes and shapes that are not compatible with inline skate frames.

  4. Are bigger wheels better for inline skates? Bigger wheels can provide faster speed, smoother roll, and better stability on uneven terrain, but they can also be heavier, harder to maneuver, and require more effort to push. The best wheel size for inline skates depends on your skating style, ability level, and the type of terrain you’ll be skating on.

  5. Is 3 or 4 wheels better for inline skates? Three and four-wheel setups both have their advantages and disadvantages. Three-wheel skates are generally lighter, more agile, and have a shorter frame length, which makes them easier to maneuver and better for urban and freestyle skating. Four-wheel skates offer more stability, better shock absorption, and a longer frame length, which makes them better for longer distance and speed skating.

  6. What is the difference between 80A and 78A wheels? The “A” rating on a wheel indicates its hardness or durometer, with higher numbers indicating harder wheels. 80A wheels are slightly harder than 78A wheels, which means they will be faster, more durable, and better for smooth surfaces, but less forgiving and less grippy on rough or wet surfaces.

  7. What skate radius for beginners? The radius or curvature of a skate’s wheels affects its turning ability and maneuverability. Beginner skaters may prefer a smaller radius (around 7-9 meters) for easier turning and control, while more advanced skaters may prefer a larger radius (10-12 meters) for faster speed and longer strides.

  8. Do bigger rollerblade wheels go faster? Bigger wheels can potentially go faster than smaller wheels, as they cover more ground per rotation and have a longer glide. However, speed also depends on other factors such as the skater’s technique, fitness level, and terrain.

  9. Should inline skates be tight or loose? Inline skates should fit snugly but not be too tight or uncomfortable. A good fit will provide support and control, while allowing for some flexibility and movement. It’s important to choose the right size skate and adjust the closure system (laces, buckles, or straps) to achieve a comfortable and secure fit.

  10. Are inline skates harder to balance on? Inline skates can be more challenging to balance on than quad skates, especially for beginners or those who are used to quad skating. Inline skates have a narrower and longer wheelbase, which requires more core strength and balance control. However, with practice and proper technique, inline skating can become easier and more natural.

  11. Are inline skates safer than quads? Both inline skates and quad skates can be safe if used properly and with appropriate protective gear. The safety of each type of skate depends on factors such as the skater’s skill level, the environment, and the type of skating being done.

  12. Are inline skates faster? Inline skates can be faster than quad skates, as they have a longer and narrower wheelbase that allows for greater speed and efficiency. However, speed also depends on other factors such as the skater’s technique, fitness level, and terrain.

  13. Can I use 78A wheels indoors? 78A wheels are relatively soft and are better suited for outdoor surfaces that may be rough or uneven. They can be used indoors but may feel slower and less responsive than harder wheels designed for smooth surfaces.

  14. How do you stop on rollerblades when going fast? There are several ways to stop on rollerblades when going fast, including the T-stop, drag stop, power slide, and hockey stop. Each stop requires different skills and techniques, and it’s important to practice and master each one to ensure safe and effective stopping.

  15. How can I increase my rollerblade speed? To increase your rollerblade speed, you can focus on improving your technique, building your strength and endurance, and using the right equipment. Skating with proper form, including a forward lean and a powerful stride, can help you generate more speed. Strengthening your legs, core, and cardiovascular system through training and exercise can also improve your speed and stamina. Using high-quality skates and wheels that are designed for speed and performance can also make a difference.

  16. Are 78a wheels too soft? 78A wheels are relatively soft and are better suited for rough or uneven outdoor surfaces that require more shock absorption and grip. They may feel slower and less responsive on smooth surfaces or at high speeds.

  17. Is 78a good for street skating? 78A wheels can be good for street skating, especially on rough or uneven surfaces that require more shock absorption and grip. However, they may feel slower and less responsive on smooth or clean pavement, and may wear out faster than harder wheels.

  18. What are 98a wheels good for? 98A wheels are relatively hard and are better suited for smooth and clean indoor surfaces that require speed and agility. They are also suitable for advanced street skating and aggressive skating, as they offer more responsiveness and durability.


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