Inline Skates

We are looking for an inline speed skating boot that fits well and has heat moldability. Additionally, it is lightweight, has durable frame mounting connection points, and uses good quality materials.

Speed skating boots, like all shoes, are built around plastic molds. Unlike most footwear, the cuff of a speed skating boot is above your ankle bone, and hard carbon fiber is not far away from your foot.

There are a ton of inline speed skating boots on Amazon and eBay that will hurt your feet so bad you will make you wish you never bought them. We know because we, unfortunately, tested them. Getting that plastic foot right seems beyond the reach of many skate manufacturers. Some of them have identified that they make painful boots, so to compensate, they add more padding. Consequently, this makes the boot more comfortable, but you lose power because the foam is absorbing your energy.

After all, this is speedskating, we buy speed skates to skate as fast as we can, and we don’t want padding absorbing our speeeeed!

Adapt Brand Superleggera Pista

This skate certainly possesses a visually striking design that initially captures one’s attention and creates a desire to own it. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that the skate has several glaring issues.


What happened to the gripSPEEDER?

The gripSPEEDER was a 5-wheel speed skate that had 2 large wheels on the ends and 3 small wheels in the middle. The two larger and harder speed wheels were mounted on flexible horizontal titanium forks at the front and rear.

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