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The Best Roller Derby Skates for Every Skater

Choosing the best roller derby skates can feel like an overwhelming task, especially with so many options available. But fear not, we’ve taken the time to break down the best options for all types of skaters. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a newbie, or someone just looking for a bargain, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also cover what makes each skate special and why they might be the right choice for you. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Bont Quadstar

Best Overall Roller Derby Skate: Bont Quadstar

The Bont Quadstar Roller Derby Skates are some of the best out there. These beauties are a top-tier product with a reputation for performance and durability.


  • Bont Quadstar skates are renowned for their heat-moldable boot. This feature gives you a customized fit, ensuring maximum comfort and optimal performance. The high-density foam padding offers excellent protection, and the carbon fiber base provides strength and stability. Additionally, the boot is made from high-quality microfiber, making it both tough and lightweight. The boot has triple toe protection and is very long-lasting. The boots have all been tested by Bont’s professional team, who are called the ‘Quadstars’. Bont boots differ from other boots because they are made with a carbon fiber base which makes them lighter and stronger than most other boots. Bont boots are also built around a plastic foot that is shaped more like a real foot than other brands.


  • They’re on the higher end of the price spectrum, making them a significant investment. Also, the sizing can run small, so you might need to order a size up. Check the Bont size chart before purchasing.
Riedell Skates R3

2nd Place Overall Roller Derby Skate: Riedell Skates R3

Coming in second, the Riedell Skates R3 offer fantastic value for their price.


  • R3s are equipped with a soft and comfortable man-made upper, making them perfect for long training sessions. The precision bearings provide a smooth ride, and the PowerDyne Thrust Nylon plate ensures durability. Not to mention, these skates are available in various colors, allowing you to express your personality on the track.


  • However, the R3s do have a couple of downsides. Some users have reported that the toe stop can wear down quickly, and others have mentioned that the wheels might need upgrading for competitive derby play. The boot is not heat moldable.
Capetos Roller Skates

Best Beginner Roller Derby Skate: Capetos Roller Skates

If you’re new to the roller derby world, the Capetos Roller Skates are a fantastic starting point.


  • Capetos skates offer excellent ankle support, which is crucial for beginners getting used to the sport. The bearings provide a smooth roll, and the boot’s interior is well-padded for comfort. Plus, they come with adjustable toe stops, which can help new skaters build confidence. The skate is incredible value for money. The support is made of lightweight fiberglass.


  • Upgrade the wheels for competitive play.
Riedell Skates Dart

2nd Place Beginner Roller Derby Skates: Riedell Skates Dart

Another solid option for beginners, the Riedell Skates Dart, offers good value for money.


  • The Dart model features a soft synthetic leather boot, making them comfortable for extended periods. They also have a Velcro cinch strap that provides extra security and snug fit. These skates are designed with a low center of gravity, which can help new skaters keep their balance.


  • On the flip side, some users have reported that the wheels might be too hard for beginner skaters, making it more challenging to gain traction on certain surfaces. Boot materials are not very long lasting.
Sure-Grip Rock GT-50

3rd Place Beginner Roller Derby Skates: Sure-Grip Rock GT-50

The Sure-Grip Rock GT-50 Roller Skates are another great choice for newbies to roller derby.


  • These skates come with a synthetic leather boot and padded collar for comfort. The GT-50s also feature an adjustable toe stop and ABEC-5 bearings for a smooth roll. One standout feature is the lightweight Rock plates, making them easier for beginners to maneuver.


  • The GT-50s, however, aren’t without their drawbacks. They can run large in sizing, so double-check before buying. Also, the wheels might not be grippy enough for some roller derby surfaces. The boot materials are not super long-lasting.
Bont Roller Skates Prostar

Best Roller Derby Skate for Beginners: Bont Prostar

The Bont Prostar is another excellent option for beginners, offering a great balance between comfort and performance.


  • The Prostar model features a heat-moldable boot, allowing you to customize your fit for optimal comfort. They come with lightweight nylon plates and smooth-rolling bearings for a responsive and agile ride. The wheels and bearings are very high quality for this price point.


  • The nylon plate is not as good as the aluminum plate on the Quadstar.
Crazy Skates Zoom Roller Skates

Best Cheap Roller Derby Skates: Crazy Skates Zoom

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry! The Crazy Skates Zoom offers a lot of bang for your buck.


  • The Zoom model comes with a comfortable padded boot and robust metal trucks for durability. Despite their affordable price, these skates also feature quality urethane wheels and ABEC-5 bearings, ensuring a smooth and stable ride.


  • The Zoom’s main drawback is the synthetic boot, which may not be as durable as some higher-end models. Some users also report that the sizing runs small.
Bont Hybrid

Most Comfortable Roller Derby Skates: Bont Hybrid

Comfort is key in any sport, and roller derby is no exception. The Bont Hybrid Roller Skates takes the cake in this category.


  • The Hybrid model comes with a fully heat-moldable boot for a personalized fit. The boot is lightweight and breathable, ensuring your feet stay comfortable throughout long derby sessions. Also, the soft padding provides additional cushioning and support. The laces lace all the way to the toes making the boot fit almost any foot. If the boot does cause any discomfort, it is fully heat moldable in the oven.


  • Although the Bont Hybrid skates are incredibly comfortable, they are more expensive than many other models. Also, they might not be the best choice for beginners due to their aggressive design.

Remember, the best roller derby skates for you will depend on your individual needs, skills, and budget. This guide should help you narrow down your choices.

Roller Derby Skates FAQ

When buying roller derby skates, consider the following factors:

  1. Comfort and Fit: The skates should fit snugly around your foot and ankle to provide support.
  2. Durability: High-quality materials will ensure your skates withstand the rough and tumble nature of roller derby.
  3. Wheels: The hardness of your wheels should match your skill level and the surface you’ll be skating on.
  4. Boot Material: Leather boots are typically more durable and offer better support than synthetic materials.
  5. Plates: Lightweight plates, usually made of nylon or aluminum, can impact speed and maneuverability. Aluminum plates are better than plastic or nylon.
  6. Price: Determine a budget. As with most things, you often get what you pay for in roller derby skates.

Derby roller skating is a team-based sport that involves skating around a track. The goal is to score points by lapping members of the opposing team while preventing them from doing the same.

Roller derby started as a women’s sport and is often associated with women. However, it has expanded to include men and mixed-gender teams, making it a sport for everyone.

Yes, men absolutely play roller derby! Men’s roller derby leagues exist worldwide, and many competitions and tournaments feature men’s teams.

A roller derby match, also known as a bout, is a game where two teams of five players each skate counterclockwise around a track. Points are scored when the jammer (scoring player) laps members of the opposing team. The other players (blockers) try to stop them while helping their own jammer get through.

Traditionally, roller derby is played on quad roller skates. The sport’s rules are designed around quad skates’ stability and maneuverability. While it is possible to skate on rollerblades, also known as inline skates, they are generally not used in competitive roller derby.

Yes, anyone can play roller derby! Roller derby is an inclusive sport that welcomes all genders, body types, and skill levels. There are leagues for men, women, and juniors, as well as mixed-gender leagues.

The best roller derby skates depend on your skill level, comfort preferences, and budget. For overall performance, Bont Quadstar skates are a top pick. Riedell Skates R3 are also excellent, offering great value. For beginners, Capetos Roller Skates, Riedell Skates Dart, and Bont Prostar are great choices. If you’re on a budget, consider Crazy Skates Zoom. For maximum comfort, look at the Bont Hybrid model.


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