ADAPT BRAND Superleggera Pista

This skate certainly possesses a visually striking design that initially captures one’s attention and creates a desire to own it. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that the skate has several glaring issues.

Firstly, the boot itself is priced at €1350, making it approximately twice as expensive as boots from other well-established brands. This significant price disparity raises concerns about the overall value and cost-effectiveness of the skate.

One of the notable problems with this skate is the low-cut boot design. While it may appear stylish, it is only suitable for individuals with low ankle bones. The excessively low height of this particular boot can cause the ankle to move excessively, resulting in a loss of power transmission to the road surface.

Moreover, the rigidity of the carbon fiber used in the construction of the boot poses challenges when it comes to achieving a proper fit. Since carbon fiber lacks flexibility, it becomes difficult to tighten the boot securely and adjust it to the individual skater’s requirements.

Another issue arises from the presence of a carbon toe box, which offers no room for modification if the boot does not fit perfectly. This lack of adjustability can lead to discomfort and pain if the fit is not ideal.

Furthermore, the use of carbon fiber to cover the metatarsal bone, an area that typically requires some level of softness in boot construction, raises concerns. The absence of cushioning in this region can result in various discomforts and potential injuries.

Additionally, the lacing system appears impractical as the laces are spaced too far apart, compromising their functionality and the ability to achieve a secure and customized fit.

Examining the base of the boot, it becomes apparent that it has been manufactured in two pieces, which introduces a fault in the carbon and raises questions about its overall structural integrity. We can clearly see the carbon fiber traveling in two different directions at the join.

Lastly, the wheels give the impression of being of subpar quality, resembling those commonly produced in China, while the frame design lacks credibility and reliability.

Although there may be an initial desire to appreciate and embrace this skate, it becomes difficult to genuinely endorse it given the numerous concerns outlined above.


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