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The Best Inline Skate Bearings 2024

The Best Inline Skate Bearings 2024 What we looked for: The inline skate bearing category is the category that you can waste a ton of cash. Many skate bearings are mislabeled, and the ABEC rating system is a joke. Let’s dive into some of the problems with inline skate bearings. The first problem is that

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The Best Skate Helmets 2024

Roller skating, inline skating, skateboarding, and scootering are all great ways to get exercise and have fun, but they can also be dangerous. That’s why it’s important to wear a helmet every time you skate. A good helmet can protect your head from serious injury in the event of a fall or collision.

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smart scales

The Best Smart Scales 2024

There are many different smart scales on the market, so knowing which one is right for you can be tough. Here are a few of the best smart scales of 2023, along with their introductions and pros and cons:

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Best Roller Skate Bearing Press

Top 8 Best Roller Skate Bearing Press

Whether you’re a casual skater or a serious enthusiast, it’s essential to maintain and upgrade your roller skates regularly. One crucial aspect of roller skate maintenance is bearing replacement. To simplify this process, having a reliable roller skate bearing press is a must. We have listed here Top 8 Best Roller Skate Bearing Press​.

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protective roller skate pads

The Best Protective Skate Pads 2023

Whether you are trying to learn the latest trick and want some protection or you want to protect your kids from the inevitable fall, we have you covered with our list of the best protective pads of 2023.

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Accessories FAQs

The most important factor in a bearing is the brand of bearing you purchase. Buy bearings from reputable brands such as Bont or Bones and you won’t go wrong. The entire industry is made up of cowboys with false advertising and false claims. 

Ceramic bearings are often considered the fastest bearings for skating, as they are more durable and require less maintenance than steel bearings. However, they can also be more expensive than steel bearings. Whatever you do, do not buy cheap ceramic bearings as they are slower than good steel bearings. 

Better bearings can help you skate faster, as they offer less resistance and allow your wheels to spin more freely. However, other factors such as your skating technique and the condition of your wheels and skates can also affect your speed.

Yes, skateboard bearings can make a difference in how fast and smoothly you skate. Skateboard bearings are the same as inline skate bearings and they are interchangeable. 

ABEC ratings indicate the precision of the bearing’s manufacturing process, with higher ABEC ratings indicating greater precision. However, An ABEC 5 bearing from one manufacturer may be better than an ABEC 9 from another manufacturer and the entire industry is rife with fake ABEC ratings. I advise buying your bearings from a reputable bearing manufacturer such as Bont or Bones and you will be sure to get the best bearings. 

The size of bearings you need will depend on the size of your wheels and axles. Most inline skates use 8mm bearings, while some roller skates use 7mm bearings. Check what size your skates have. 7mm is usually only found on high-end plates. 

The longest spinning bearings that I have ever tested were Bont Ceramic bearings that spun for over 7.5 minutes after being cleaned and lubed properly. 

Not if you buy them from ebay or Amazon. They are typically slower than a steel bearing. However, if you buy a good ceramic bearing from a brand you trust, then yes they are worth it. 

If your bearings are packed with grease, clean them out and start fresh. Good bearings should come pre-lubed with light racing oil and not need any break-in period. 

To increase your skating speed, you can work on developing your strength, agility, and technique. This can involve exercises such as plyometrics and interval training, as well as practicing skating drills and techniques that focus on building speed and momentum.

There could be several reasons why you skate slow, including factors such as lack of strength and conditioning, poor technique, and equipment that is not suited to your skating style or needs. Working on improving these factors can help you increase your speed and performance.

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